Tuesday, August 22, 2017


The Kickstarter crowdfunding drive to launch 
ADRIFT IN SOHO into the wider world is live. You can click 

adrift in soho crowdfund 

to reach the website for introduction and rewards.

The main rewards will be to see the film in a great cinema and be immortalised in the credits. 

More importantly, you will be helping the film to achieve high profile and distribution.

The film will be shown for one night only in the Soho (of London) in a private viewing, and one week later in the Lace Market of Nottingham, two cities closely associated with the making of the film. 

If we succeed independent film making may have a chance to replicate the system in future premieres. Soho has he potential to become a world hub for filmmakers. Why not!

Come and see Framestore's Pandora's Box of grading and visual effects quality. Your eyes will be amazed. Come and hear the surreal sound effects. You won't believe your ears.

This will be the only opportunity to see the ADRIFT IN SOHO in many months as distribution arrangements are made.

There will also be posters, books, film memorabilia, a couple of surprises and tickets to see  the film in all its glory. The date of the private premiere will be some time before the end of the year, most likely mid December (TBC). 

The main thing is that you will help the film to be noticed and seen later by the wider public. Invite as many people as you want. The film is worth it! It will make you proud.

Launching a film is no easy task. The endeavour will be colossal. With the help of many we can do it. Give generously! 

Follow ADRIFT IN SOHO's Facebook and Twitter accounts for crowdfunding details and latest news.

Any direct queries please email burningfilms@aol.com.